The Victory of Justice

In June 2009 citizen of Ashtarak Mr. A. Asatryan applied to the Advocacy and AssistanceCenter of the RA Aragatsotn Marz with a requirement to protect her rights. Mr. A. Asatryan, ex-accountant of the rural community administration had quitted work for already two years. yet the village head openly refused to provide the work record card, the final settlement and the holiday payment to his ex-employee. During the two years period Mr. Asatryan had repeatedly applied to the village head, but he heard only treads and was rough denials. The labor issue turned into personal hostility, which during the time became deeper. The citizen understood that his rights were roughly and insolently violated. Yet he did not know what to do and where to apply.

Mr. Asatryan was rather glad when he learnt about the Advocacy and AssistanceCenter of the RA Aragatsotn Marz. He immediately applied to the AAC. The Lawyers of the center studied all the documents and started the corrective activities, on the assumption of the fact that the case was corruptive (including abuse of official authorities, provided in Part 1 of Article 308 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia).

The lawyer of the AAC prepared a notice to the community head with a requirement to provide a copy of the labor contract with the citizen, the work record card, information on the amount of the holiday payment and the final settlement. Interference of the AAC brought to the desired result. It is due to mention that during this period the AAC employees spoke with the village head by the phone as well, and reminded him about the terms provided by the law to reply to the notice. The community head provided the reply accompanied with the copy of the labor contract with the citizen, the work record card, the bank receipt on the transfer of holiday payment and the final settlement in due terms. The AAC passed all these to the citizen. “I am extremely pleased with the work of the AAC. Operation of such centers is necessity nowadays,” Mr. A. Asatryan noted in his words of gratitude.

The circumstance that due to the work of Aragatsotn Marz AAC the citizen again believed in justice and the law, because the infringed rights of the citizen were restored, is rather binding. During a month’s period Aragatsotn Marz AAC solved the problem of the citizen, which had lasted for about two years and seemed unsolvable.

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