The Court Decision Exercised

Some years ago Mrs. Gohar, inhabitant of AbovyanCity lent a large sum of money to one of her friends. For some reasons the debtor did not return the sum. The woman had applied to the court with a request to vindicate the sum, and the court upheld the claim. The corresponding department of Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service (JACES) of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia instituted executory process, and in result vindicated a part of the sum and returned to Mrs. Gohar. The beneficiary informed that in early December 2009 officials of JACES invited her to their office and forced to write an application asking the JACES to stop the executory process as she had no further claims against the debtor. Gohar wrote the application under pressure and left at the head of department. Later, when she was at home, she understood what negative consequences might this have for her. The woman thought that the debtor had bribed the officials of JACES, and they exerted pressure on her. She did not know where to go, and applied to “Narek” TV Company of AbovyanCity to inform by the TV about the illegal acts that were applied against her. In the TV Company she was advised to apply to the AAC of Kotayk Marz.

After studying the case and its materials the representatives of Kotayk Marz AAC concluded that it contains corrupt risks on the assumption of the fact that the client considered that the debtor had bribed the JACES officials requesting to exerted pressure on the applicant and stop the executory process that is without exercising the effective court decision.

The Head of Kotayk Marz AAC grasped the gravity of a situation and immediately traveled to AbovyanCity to meet with the applicant to clarify the circumstances of the case. Further the Head of AAC together with Mrs. Gohar visited JACES department and met with the enforcement officer who was responsible for the case of the citizen. The client wrote an application to the corresponding official with a demand to neglect the former application and to continue the executory process. Currently the JACES is carrying out the executory process and we hope that soon the woman shall get back the whole sum.

In result of urgent response of the Advocacy and Assistance Center of Kotayk Marz, the possible infringement of the citizen’s rights was prevented. The beneficiary cordially thanked the employees of the AAC and promised to disseminate information on the Advocacy and AssistanceCenter among her friends.

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