The rights of the driver were protected

One of the visitors of Gegharkunik AAC had a problem while driving. According to his comments, he had started through an intersection while the light was green, and had finished crossing as the light turned yellow. But, he was stopped by a traffic policeman, who told the driver that he had breached traffic regulations and he would write a ticket for going through an intersection during a red light. The citizen was sure that he had not done so, and protected his own rights confidently. But the policeman still wrote a ticket for a traffic violation. The fine amount was equivalent to the weekly earnings of the driver.

The citizen, respecting his principals, decided to protect his rights and applied to the help of Gegharkunik AAC.

Gegharkunik AAC assumed the case: AAC asked information about the process of the case from the local police office. Then an appeal was sent to the head of the Traffic Police Office of Armenia, introducing the details of the case.

In the result of the joint efforts of the citizen and AAC, the case was solved successfully: the ticket for the traffic violation was annuled. The problem of this case was that not only were time and finances wasted, but also the citizen needed to keep his dignity through not being incorrectly accused by the police.

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