Problem between the Citizen and Village Administration Solved

The citizen who had applied to the Advocacy and Assistance Center of Vayots Dzor Marz of the RA was in hopeless situation and deceived in result of violation of his rights by the local self government body.

The citizen informed that he had applied to the village administration with request to provide certificate of residence. The village administration refused to provide the certificate with motivation that the citizen had not paid the property tax. In this situation the citizen promised to make the payment and asked for some additional time as he did not have the necessary sum to pay the property tax. However the village head did not agree with this and harshly refused to provide the necessary document. After useless efforts to reach an agreement with the village head the citizen applied to the Advocacy and Assistance Center of Vayots Dzor Marz of the RA․

It is due to mention that the local self government body (the village administration in this case) had to provide certificate of residence to the citizen upon request. In result of ungrounded refusal of the official body to provide the certificate the citizen faced a number of problems. In particular in result of the absence of this document the citizen was unable to enter into civil-law relations. The lawyers of Vayots Dzor AAC examined the case and immediately contacted the village administration. They provided corresponding clarifications on the legal aspect of the emerged problem and after that, just on the same day the local government body provided the required document to the citizen.

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