Property Right of the family Members Restored

In June 2009, a citizen applied to the Advocacy and Assistance Center of Kotayk Marz of the RA. The beneficiary informed that he and his family members were living in the same flat since 1974. When he applied to Hrazdan regional Department of the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre adjunct to the RoA Government with a request to privatize the flat, he was informed that the flat was privatized in the name of another person in 1994. Representatives of Kotayk AAC met with the head of Hrazdan regional Department of the SCREC of the RA and found out the flat was not privatized and there is not any record on registration of property right over this flat in the state cadastre. In August 2009, based on the consultancy provided by Kotayk AAC, the citizen applied in the written form to the City Mayor of Hrazdan, for privatization of his flat. The application was considered just in the same month. However the applicant did not receive any further reply from the city administration after that. In October 2009 the beneficiary again applied to Kotayk AAC and informed that he had visited the city administration for several times but received no complete reply.

The repeated applications of the beneficiary to Kotayk AAC evidence the fact of high confidence of the beneficiary towards the staff of the AAC in solving the problem, and this confidence was obliging for the AAC staff.

Based on the application of the beneficiary the Kotayk AAC sent a request to Hrazdan City Mayor. Unfortunately the reply did not include distinct answer. The vague reply urged the head of Kotayk AAC to visit the city administration to clarify the situation. The visit would not have been a necessity in case of the reply in conformity with the requirements of the legal norms. To the great surprise of the Head of Kotayk AAC the Committee of Elderly had satisfied the application and in September 2009 made a decision to privatize the flat to the beneficiary and his family members without compensation. However this information was not provided to the citizen. The happy news obtained by the AAC staff was a real surprise and joy for the beneficiary.

Currently the beneficiary ahs received the decision of the Committee of Elderly and applied to Hrazdan regional Department of the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre adjunct to the RoA Government to register the ownership right.

The beneficiary expressed his gratitude to Kotayk AAC saying, “If there was no constant support of the AAC the solution of the project would have been dragged out and led to corruption…”

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