Another Success of Ararat Aadvocacy and Assistance Reception Center

Mr. Mirza Markosya, citzen of Ararat city applied to Ararat Aadvocacy and Assistance  Reception Center and informed that he had not received his pension for two months. The reason was that the clerks of Ararat Post Office were sending him back stating that he had received his pension and signed for it. However, as the applicant insisted, he had not received the money and did not sign in the register either. In order to verify the signature he had applied to the Head of Ararat Post Office. The latter “met the client’s requirement” and invited an expert to verify the handwriting. The expertise was unsuccessful, because Markosyan’s hands were shaking because of the illness and the signatures were rather different. His last remedy was Ararat AARC. And he applied their
The lawyers of Ararat AARC studied the case and considered that there was a corruption risk and decided to pass the case with the corresponding notice to the law enforcement bodies. They informed about their decision to the post clerk as well. In result of the quick response of Ararat AARC lawyers the employees of the post understood that their action was criminally prosecutable, and that they might be called to criminal responsibility. In result they decided to correct their mistake, and thus to avoid interference of Ararat AARC and the law enforcement bodies. On the next day M. Markosyan came to AARC office and asked to refrain from initiating the case as the people from the Post Office had promised to pay his two months’ pension during the two work days.

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