The Debt reduced for Four Times

Citizen of Hrazdan Kh.S. applied to Kotayk AAC on 21.11.2011 with complaint on problems with Water Supply Company. The Company had imposed a demand of 120.000AMD debt for failure to pay for the supplied water. The beneficiary did not agree with this claim with the reasoning that he was out of the Republic for a long time and had not used water equal to the demanded sum.
The AAC lawyer studied beneficiary’s request, the attached documents, and after that the AAC Coordinator contacted with the vice-director of the regional department of the Company. He introduced to vice-director’s attention the legal aspects of the issue and the illegal character of the Company’s demand. They reached agreement to review the beneficiary’s complaint after receiving the objections with the attached documents.
In result, Kh.S. visited Kotayk AAC on 23.11.2011 and informed that the issue was solved legally, and the debt was reduced for about four times. And in addition the parties compiled a schedule for paying back the debt in the duration of 1 year.

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