Surgeon-Consultant was accused for performing improper professional duties

The investigation of the case of the surgeon-consultant’s improper performance of professional duties finished in the RA police office of Shirak region. The prosecutor, supervising the legality of the investigation confirmed the accusation.
According to the RA Prosecutor General, the investigation revealed that V. Nersisyan, surgeon-consultant in “White Hospital” performed improper professional duties which led to Mkrtchyan’s death.
Based on achieved proves, V. Nersisyan was charged under Part 2of Article 130, of the RA Criminal Code.
The criminal case was sent to the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak region to investigate in substance.
Note: The suspected for murder or the accused is considered innocent unless proven guilty by the court decision which entered into force pursuant to the order provided by the Criminal Procedure Court.

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