Observation of Food Safety shall be carried out

Hereinafter the function of the State Service for Food Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RA shall be discovering the expired, doubtful and having problematic marking goods and withdrawal of such goods from sales in compliance with the order established by law. The latest amendments in the RA Law on Food Safety provided opportunity to the Service to reinforce the state supervision in the network of this service through observation.
“An adjacent Public Committee has been established. The Public Committee has the aim to involve corresponding NGOs and Mass media in the observation process,” Abram Bakhchagulyan, Head of the State Service for Food Safety informed. He added that the NGO Commission decided to start observations from Marzes, because as the NGOs insist, the situation in Marzes is even worse than in Yerevan. In the nearest future a one-week observation mission shall be conducted in one of the remote marzes.

Nune Hovsepyan

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