Round-table on anticorruption programs of political parties

Round-table involving political parties contending in May elections for the National Assembly took place on May 4. The goal was to present platform provisions on anticorruption and fight against shadow economy. The organizers were the national AACs Network and Yerevan AAC.
In his opening remarks, leader of the Network of AACs presented the work of AACs and the “Armenia Against Corruption” movement.
Only 5 out of 9 contending parties attended – PAP, “Heritage”, ANC, ARF, “United Armenians”. There were also participants from RA prosecution and international organizations.
Party representatives mentioned that there is a big problem of system reform. “Prosperous Armenia”, “Heritage”, “Armenian Revolutionary Federation” and “United Armenians” parties presented their anticorruption provisions in platforms. And ANC member Vahagn Khachatryan suggested that if there are economic reforms, corruption will disappear. Otherwise, it will not.

Nune Hovsepyan

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