Accessibility and Information Transparency Level of the Websites of the RA State Authorities

The leader from transparency aspect is the website of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration. The website of the Armenian National Commission of Television and Radio is in the last place in the rating table of the websites of the RA Ministries, adjacent bodies, and other state agencies. These are data of the last monitoring results conducted by the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression. The committee monitored 52 official websites in the period of February through April 2012. The monitoring was conducted by 177 positions (parameters), of which 150 referred to the content, and 27 were technical.
Mr. Ashot Melikyan, President of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression, introduced the monitoring results to the attention of journalists today. He informed that the three different groups of websites were rated separately according to the methodology. “The first group included the websites of the Ministries and adjacent bodies of the Government of the RA. The second group included the websites of marz administrations. The third group included the RA President’s, RA Government’s, the National Assembly’s, the RA Constitutional Court’s, Prosecutor General’s, Yerevan Municipality’s, and the Human Rights Defender’s websites,” Mr. Melikyan said and added that the first two groups were introduced in the rating sequence, and the third group without it.
Mr. Melikyan said that the rating table was compiled based on 4 criteria: availability, completeness, urgency, and technical accessibility of the required information
From transparency aspect, the website of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration was the first with 57,20%, Ministry of Transport and Communication was the second with 48,36%, and the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of Republic of Armenia was the third with 48,21%. Ministry of Education and Science was the forth with 46,47 %, then comes the Central Bank with 45,12%.
According to the President of the Committee 45-50 percents is a high indicator of information transparency.
Syunik Marz is the first with 45,55% among the marzes, then come Armavir and Kotayk Marzes with 35,52 and 34,20% percents respectively. Vayots Dzor Marz website is the tenth with 28,81%
Ashot Melikyan informed that the level of transparency of marz administrations’ websites had increased in 8 from overall 10 websites as compared with the last year. Only Lori Marz website’s transparency level decreased
In the third group the RA Prosecutor’ Office website was the first with 55,58%, then the NA with 45,07% and the Constitutional Court with 42,02%. According to the presented scheme The RA President’s official website is obviously dropped behind, and Yerevan Municipality with 41,42% is just before the President’s website.
According to Olga Safaryan, CPFE lawyer, the main shortcoming of the websites is the missing of information on vacancies and the order for feeling these vacancies.

Nune Hovsepyan

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