Mechanisms for State Order Distribution will be reviewed: Prime Minister’s Instructions.

The RA Government holds the regular meeting. As usual Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan opened the session with instructions. The first issue related to the review of the state order distribution mechanisms in the sphere of health care.

Revision of state order distribution mechanisms is crucial in health sector reforms through ensuring the targeted provision of medical services, as well as the competitive and transparent mechanisms for public funds allocation. Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said this at the government session.

“Within a three-month period, in order to increase the effectiveness of medical services, review the criteria for selecting the medical establishments that implement the state order, attaching priority to the share of paid services in the overall revenue of the establishment.”

To introduce mandatory annual audit requirement in large-scale public healthcare institutions in 2017, ensuring appropriate legal mechanisms.

Make cost-effective analysis of expensive medical services within a three-week period, clearly distinguishing government’s cost and present relevant recommendations to the Government Staff,” instructed the Prime Minister.

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