Rights of Officials Conducting Audit

Officials carrying out audit have right:

a) To have free entry, while producing their duties, into the business entity’s subdivisions under audit at the presence of the representative of the latter;

b) To demand documents, data and other information, explanations, certificates that have direct relevance to the audit carried out within the scope of their competence;

c) To involve professionals of the business entity into audit process if necessary at the consent of the head of business entity or its deputy;

d) To establish time period for emending those flaws and violations discovered that do not lead to criminal or administrative responsibility;

e) To make proposals to the State Body authority appointing audit to take relevant measures concerning abuses and violations that lead to administrative or criminal responsibility;

f) To take documents, duplicates, photocopies of documents, things, samples and other necessary substances that have direct relevance to the aims of audit and do not hamper the regular activities of the business entity. When taking documents the officials carrying out audits put a stamp of the tax authority on the copies of the documents and hand them to the representative of the business entity;

g) To implement supervision audits on implementation preciseness of metrology, weighing, measuring and other relevant machines and equipment connected with the aim of audit;

h) To conduct audit in order to find out legitimacy of the given transaction only, for the aim to give grounds to implementation of monetary functions, reports and preciseness of carrying out calculations by the business entity under audit;

i) To require the head or the deputy of the business entity, within the scope of issues mentioned in audit order, to carry out inventory of basic funds, commodity-material values, financial means and calculations involving into this process appropriate employees and professionals of the business entity;

(j) To require, if necessary, certificates and copies of documents on calculations of transactions of the establishment under audit from Tax, Customs state bodies and other agencies registering property rights in the procedure established by legislature of the Republic of Armenia.

Article 7 of the RA law on Organizing and conducting audits in the Republic of Armenia provides the rights of the officials conducting audit.

This article is published in the scope of “Evidence-Based Advocacy for Reform” project supported by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and implemented by the Armenian Lawyers’ Association with funds of the provided grant.


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