The CSOs awarded with Small Grants in the Third Round are known

On March 31, the Grants Commission of the “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” Project finalized the evaluation of the applications submitted for the 3rd round of the Small Grants’ competition announced in the Project framework.

In total 7 CSOs submitted their projects for the 3rd round of the Small Grants’ competition, including 2 from the Lori marz, 3 from Shirak marz, and 2 from Yerevan. 5 projects gathered the minimum required points and have been recognized by the Grants Commission as winners of the 3rd round of the Small Grants competition.

See below the list of winning projects and the respective implementing CSOs:

1. “Identification of Corruption Risks in Customs Clearance of Imported Cars to Armenia” Project. Implementer – “Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre” (ACRPC) Non-Governmental Organization. Partner – Editorial Office of “Vanadzoryan Khchankar” (“Vanadzor Mosaic”) Weekly Newspaper (Lori marz).

2. “Monitoring of Anti-Corruption Education and Strengthening Integrity in the Universities of the RA” Project. Implementer – “ELEGIA” Cultural Non-Governmental Organization (Yerevan).

3. “Monitoring of Medical/Sociological Expertise Committee’s (MSEC) Functions” Project. Implementer – “Flora” Young Women’s Christian Association Non-Governmental Organization of Gyumri. Partner – “Center of Community Initiatives and Advocacy” Non-Governmental Organization (Shirak marz).

4. “Monitoring acquisition of Free Medicine, Medical Accessories and Devices received by the State through Humanitarian Aid, as well as acquisition of Goods purchased with Funds provided by the State and their distribution to Patients in 2 Polyclinics of Yerevan” Project. Implementer – “Democracy and Electoral Processes” International Center Non-Governmental Organization (Yerevan).

5. “Protection of the Rights of Women with Disabilities in Shirak and Aragatsotn Regions as a Means to curb Corruption in Healthcare Processes” Project. Implementer – “Reform and Development” Human Rights Non-Governmental Organization. Partner – “Kantegh” Children’s and Youth Non-Governmental Organization (Shirak marz).

The Grants Commission of the “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” Project thanks all the organizations which submitted small grant applications, but didn`t succeed, and encourages to apply for the 4th round of the small grants’ competition to be announced in 2016.

The “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project is funded by the European Union and co-funded by the OSCE Yerevan Office and is implemented by the “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO and the partner organization “Freedom of Information Center” NGO.

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