The Verdict on “Vernissage” Case has taken effect

On 17 May, 2014, the verdict on the case of shooting near “Vernissage” had already taken legal effect. It is due to remind that according to the charge, Gor Arakelyan had disputed with Valerik Hovhannisyan, as a result Gor had opened fire and wounded 5 people, Nerses and Valerik, as well as passers-by.

The Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nor Nork-Marash Administrative districts had sentenced Gor Arakelyan to 6.5 years in prison, Norayr Melqonyan was sentenced to 2 years, and Valerik Hovhannisyan to 3 years in prison.

Two appeals were filed on this case. Arayik Alvandyan, the defender of Valerik Hovhannisyan had solicited to quash the verdict of the First Instance Court and acquit his client or to pass a lenient verdict. The other appeal was presented by the accusing prosecutor of the case who had applied to the Court of Appeal to apply a strict punishment for Gor Arakelyan and sentence him to 9 years in prison.

However, on 29 December, 2015, the Court of Appeal rejected the appeals and the verdict of First Instance left unchanged. As this decision has not been appealed to the Court of Cassation, it has taken effect.

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