Products must enter shop with certification

If you see sticker of “Paraben” on the make-up you’re looking at, then skip it. Deputy chairman of Armenian Consumers Association Mileta Aristakesyan has implemented the monitoring at the request of Korean counterparts. A number of make-up items imported to Armenia carry the ingredient of “Paraben”. It may cause allergy, as well as skin cancer according to the Korean research.
“Our query to certified agencies showed that the certification of cosmetics has decreased by 50 %. That is exactly how much jeopardy we’re in,” – Says Aristakesyan.
In 2005 RA healthcare Ministry-approved list includes over 400 materials that are harmful
to human health. In case a laboratory finds a material like that, the product does not get a
certification. The specialist claims that parbenian joints are not on the list. “The healthcare Ministry must understand that since 2005 new chemicals have been introduced, while the list has not been updated,” – Mileta Aristakesyan.She claims that big companies get certified, while small ones do not. A product must enter theshop with certification, but it is important to demand the certification.“There is no regulation for nutrition products, which is a RA state document. It lists the products that need certification. If our consumer becomes more demanding than the importers will be more careful,” – says Aristakesyan.

To’s question on whether it is possible to monitor product quality in a way that doesn’t require citizens to check the importer certification, the answer was: “Well, of course, but it is a work that is sometimes done and sometimes it is not.” Among non-food products, laundry, toys also may pose threat. When washing, cleaning materials help well, there may be excess of certain chemicals in them. The advice is to use medical gloves in
tackling such materials.

Nune Hovsepyan

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