Expensive Justice: The Richest Person in the Court of Kotayk Marz is not a Judge, but the Judge’s Wife

Soviet-era furniture, old chairs and tables, unfavorable conditions for the work of the parties. This is the reality in the building of the Kotayk marz Court of General Jurisdiction.  Whereas in case of the staff and specifically the judges of this court we have cardinally different situation. There are some rich judges in this court and we have referred to the income of three of them.

Yuri Baxdasaryabn

In 2011, Yuri Baghdasaryan, Judge of the Kotayk Marz Court of General Jurisdiction had 110 thousand USD. Next year his funds increased due to the borrowing of 25 thousand USD and totaled to 145 thousand USD. His salary for the year was 6.3 million AMD.

At the beginning of 2013, his funds decreased. At the beginning of the year the funds totaled to 110 thousand USD, which rapidly decreased by the end of the year and totaled to only 5000 USD. Notably, in his declaration submitted to the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials does not indicate any transaction, or purchase. The funds had disappeared but without indication how and where.

In 2015, the judge received 1.3 million AMD loan. His funds were 8 thousand USD. His spouse declared 17 thousand USD. Thus, it turns out the judge and his wife have 12 million AMD, while in 2011 they possessed 71 million AMD.

Էդգար Ռազմիկի Սեդրակյան

Judge Edgar Sedrakyan is rich. In 2011, his annual salary totaled to only 2.9 million AMD, wheras his funds are distinguished with many zeros: had 30 million AMD, 93 thousand USD and 21 thousand EUROs.

In 2013, this judge bought a flat worth 57 million AMD. In 2014 his fiunds toatled to 19.5 million AMD, 89 thousand USD and 20 thousand EUROs.

His wife Leyla Khechumyan is also rich. Her funds at the end of 2014, totaled to 4.5 million AMD, 9500 EUROs and 15 thousand USD. Thus, this couple’s funds in Armenian currency total to 91 million AMD.

Judge Vaghinak Petrosyan is famous for Vardan Petrosyan’s case, and for his income as well.

Վաղինակ Կարլենի Մկրտչյան

He assumed the position in 2013, and we learn from his declaration that he had 35 million AMD, 15 thousand USD and 20 thousand EUROs. In equivalent to Armenian currency his funds totaled to around 53 million AMD.

His wife, Gayane Khachartyan is richer than the judge. At the beginning of fiscal year 2012, she had 45 million AMD, 85 thousand USD and 45 thousand EUROs. At the end of the same year all her funds were null (maybe a technical error). In subsequent years, the funds of the lady reaches the same point, and at the end of 2014 the funds totaled to 43 million AMD, 85 thousand USD and 45 thousand EUROs.

In this case, it seems ridiculous to try to find the answer to the question who is the richest judge of General Jurisdiction Court of Kotayk Marz, as the spouse of the judge is the richest than these court officials. Gayane Khachatryans funds totaled to 110 million AMD that is two times more than her husbands. The combined funds of this couple total to 163 million AMD.

Note that this millionaire judge works in Abovyan where the court is in poor condition.

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Gevorg Tosunyan