The Prosecutor was questioned for the Case of Bribery

On 22 January, the session on the case of bribery took place in the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan. Armine Karapetyan, the assistant of Judge Vladimir Grigoryan was charged for taking 1500 USD bribe.

Avetis Afyan, the prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities was questioned as a witness.

According to the indictment, in 2014 Armine Karapetyan demanded 1500 USD bribe from Garik Yesayan’s mother to appoint a non-custodial penalty for her son, however she did not give her the money as she did not have such sum.

Avetis Afyan who was the prosecutor on this case motioned to appoint 500000 AMD fine as a punishment but the court, presided by Judge Vladimir Grigoryan sentenced Yesayan to 2 years imprisonment. After the verdict, Alina Hovhannisyan shouted. “I refuse to give bribe that is why you sentenced my son”.

Then the lawyer said that according to Article 178 (swindling) of the RA Criminal Code, Judge Vladimir Grigoryan always carried out the punishment of mandatory imprisonment and asked him to comment. The prosecutor replied that he cannot say anything connected with his acts.

The session was postponed because of the incessant disputes between the lawyer and prosecutor Apiyan, as well as between the prosecutor and the judge.

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