The Ombudsman’s Reports in Armenia remain without Consequences; Artak Zeynalyan

Human Rights Activists Artak Zeynalyan believes that the Ombudsman in Armenia had more freedom and was more independent than in neighboring Georgia.

“The negative is that the authorities are not serious and respectful towards the institute of the Ombudsman, in general, the attitude of the Armenia’s authorities is not respectful to the human rights,” the human rights activist said.

According to Mr. Zeynalyan the Ombudsman’s reports should be followed by clear and definite activities of the Authorities and have due consequences. “The reports do not rise consequences in Armenia. There are counter-statements, criticism and sarcasm or sneer. The Authorities should eliminate the recorded violation, so that it may not occur in the next report. But this is missing in our country”, – Mr. Zeynalyan said.

The human rights activist is displeased with Karen Andreasyan’s resignation as its causes are still vague. “I think that the Authorities should be the most concerned party with the Ombudsman’s resignation. However, as I see the Civil Society is more concerned.

He believes that the human rights situation in the country is pretty bad: the democratic institutions for legal regime change are missing; the judicial system is not independent and the judges are unprotected. In addition, there are too many police officers in the country. “This supports to the fact that our society is alienated from the authorities and the Public Authorities are protected from the public by the police”, – he concluded.

Mr. Zeynalyan did not refer to the question about the rumors that his name is also circulated among the candidates to the post of Ombudsman; he said that the problem is more serious than discussing such rumors.


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