How does Ara Ghazaryan estimate Karen Andreasyan’s Activities?

According to International law specialist Ara Ghazaryan, it would be desirable for the former Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan to present the reasons for his resignation. “This is likely not a personal issue but a public matter. Public has a legitimate expectation to know what has happened. I hope we will know sooner or later”, Mr. Ghazaryan said and added that he regrets for Karen Andreasyan’s decision.

Ara Ghazaryan only disagrees with the methodology of Karen Andreasyan’s report on the right to fair trial in 2013. The rest of his activities I think was positive”, said Mr. Ghazaryan.

Our interlocutor does not see himself in the place of the Ombudsman. “I have never thought about it, I think I am more of the researcher’s role as I do that kind of job, as well as deal with the court cases”.

However, the new Ombudsmen will still face many problems and the most significant among them is the banned attitude mainly by the police, then the judicial reforms, as well as the prohibition of discrimination. “This sphere remains open. If in future the law on prohibition of discrimination and regulating body will be adopted and that body should be under the Ombudsman institution, there is a lot of work to do here”, said the lawyer emphasizing that our society should understand the structure of the prohibition of discrimination well.” We have become too intolerant, this is one of the most important ways that I highlight and the next Ombudsman should do a lot of work here.

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