“We work on case as a team and hold responsibility as a team”, – law firm founder

I don’t need a lawyer to tell me what I can’t do.
I hire one to tell me how to do what I want to do.
(J. Morgan)

Iravaban.net continues to interview law firms in Armenia. The second guest of “Armenian law firms” series is co-founder of “Agreement” law firm Roman Aharonyan.

– Your law form was established in 2011. What legal services do you provide?

– First, let me say that on September 1 we celebrated Agreement’s one-year anniversary. We provide legal services stipulated by legislation both to physical and legal entities. With latter with deal both on paperwork level and external negotiations or court representation. We also offer audit services. The area of service is wide – civic, criminal, administrative.
We work on cases as a team, and share responsibility as a team (labor is not strictly divided). Of course, at the end one or two people lead a case, however any assignment gets input from everyone.

-I think people would what to know at what price that can afford Agreement. Is there a threshold for your services?

– We have som approximate prices, but it usually depends on caseload and complexity of individual case. Sometimes we help people pro bono. Our key goal is restoring citizen rights, We never reject a client just because he can’t pay.

– Your law firm website mentions a progress in justice system in Armenia conditioned by work of lawyers and attorneys. What progress do you believe did the justice system in the past ten years?

– Significant. I’m not afraid to say that many reforms today are a reality thanks to attorney efforts. It’s impossible not to notice the change.

– What can be an obstacle for lawyers today in serving the justice?

– Same as in any area there are objective and subjective reasons, issues of personalities. Insuch cases we sight to the end. Today we have a good leverage of the European Court on Human Rights which is an additional tool to resolve issues.

-What success stories have you had in the past year?

-We have many successful cases. When we take a case we get to know the opposing side and their position. But we have successful cases, where we did not fear the overwhelming power of the opposing side and won.

– What kind of Armenia can be created by the legal reforms project of 2012-2016?

– It’s a feasible program. If it comes true, positive changes will happen. We must also use our daily work to ensure the implementation of that project.

– Can you think of an interesting client case?

– A woman wanted to sue a doctor who promised to get their new-wed to get pregnant but failed.

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