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The Case of the Financial Pyramid: Prosecutor is absent in the Hearing of the Appeal. Prosecution does not present Reasoning to the Court.

It is already the third court sitting that the accusing prosecutor is absent in the consideration of the appeal of the case of the Financial Pyramid. By entering the court the presiding judge Ruzanna Barsegyan asked if any clarifications had been submitted by the prosecution, the response was negative.

It was found out that the court had requested written explanations from the appropriate department of the prosecution. The judge asked the parties if they objected to continuing the session without the participation of the prosecutor. Only Mnatsakan Sargsyan, Arthur Andreasyan’s advocate, objected mentioning that according to the Criminal Procedure Code the prosecutor must participate in the appeal hearing, so he asked to postpone the session.

The court decided to hear the appeal without participation of the prosecutor. Later the court was reported that the prosecution failed to respond to the letters and the calls of the court.

Notably, the prosecutor has also filed an appeal.

As it is known, the judge of the First Instance Court Gagik Poghosyan sentenced the defendant to 10 years imprisonment and confiscation of property in the amount of 200 mln AMD.

In this case the names of Colonel Karen Babakhekyan and Major General Nerses Nazaryan were touched upon. Particularly, according to the indictment in June 2010, Arthur Andreasyan cheated Colonel Karen Babakekhyan, Major General Nerses Nazaryan and the owner of the network of stores ‘’Moskvichka’’ Armen Nazaryan, by fraudulently embezzling significant amount of money and obtaining the right on their realty.

However, in the First Instance Court, Nerses Nazaryan mentioned that neither he, nor his son or relatives had lent money to A. Andreasyan in any condition, had received percents, and that there was no talk about taking back that supposed money. The Babakhekyans claimed the same.

The accused Artur Andreasyan saw the factor of Vano Siradeghyan in this.


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