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“If this verdict enters into force, every second citizen of the Republic of Armenia will be threatened:” The Case of the Financial Pyramid.

The case of the Financial Pyramid is in the Criminal Court of Appeals. Today, the first court sitting was held. The only accused Artur Adreasyan and representatives of the three victims were present. The prosecutor had not come. Though the sides said that it is useless to continue the trial without the prosecutor, the presiding judge Ruzanna Barseghyan mentioned that the prosecutor had been notified and yet has not sent any writ about his absence, thus the session will be continued.

The verdict of the First Instance Court and the appeals were announced at the regular session. The defendant’s side asks the court to justify the accused and to set him free.

The advocate of the accused, Mnatsakan Sargsyan thinks that there are no crime traits of fraud in the actions of his defendant. ‘’If this verdict enters into force, then every second citizen of Armenia will be threatened, on the assumption of the fact that because of the social conditions everybody has debts and sometimes they cannot pay it back in time. Thus, it appears that they are swindlers,’’ – Mr. Sargsyan mentioned.

The advocate mentioned that Artur had borrowed money, was engaged in business, and paid the percents before his arrest. He also spoke about the accusation, mentioning: ‘First he was accused under the Article 178, Part 3 of the Criminal Code on the total amount of money, then they began to separate the money and proposed a double accusation,’’-Mr. Sargsyan said.

Artur Andreasyan’s mother said that her son has serious health problems: ‘The condition is very hard. Nobody pays attention to it. What does it mean? This is a murder by the justice,’’-she said.

As it is known, the judge of the First Instance Court Gagik Poghosyan sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment and confiscation of property in the amount of 200 mln AMD.

In this case the names of Colonel Karen Babakhekyan and Major General Nerses Nazaryan were touched upon. Particularly, according to the indictment in June 2010, Artur Andreasyan cheated Colonel Karen Babakekhyan, Major General Nerses Nazaryan and the owner of the network of stores ‘’Moskvichka’’ Armen Nazaryan, taking money and obtaining the right on their realty.

However, in the First Instance Court, Nerses Nazaryan mentioned that neither he, nor his son or relatives had lent money, received percents, and that there was no talk about taking that supposed money back. The Babakhekyans claimed the same.

The accused Artur Andreasyan saw the factor of Vano Siradeghyan in this.



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