AAC protected the Citizen’s Rights

 On 21.12.2011, A.Gh., resident of Hrazdan city applied to the AAC of Kotayk marz. The beneficiary’s problem was that during dismantling of the gas meter devise for sending it to the expertise, the employees of the provider company revealed technical damage on the gas meter.The Company intended to impose responsibility for the damage on the citizen on the grounds of a document, which A.Gh. alleged false.

After examining the case, the AAC concluded that it includes infringement of the rights as well as corruption risks. On 17.01.2012 the AAC sent a message to the Prosecutor’s Office of Kotayk marz and a copy to the Deputy Prosecutor General of the RA. On the instruction of the prosecutor’s office the Police Department of Hrazdan started investigation of the facts. An advocate was involved in the case as well to protect the citizen’s rights. In result of consistent work of the AAC and the advocate the case was solved in compliance with the position and wish of the beneficiary. The management of Hrazdan Branch of the Company undertook obligation of fulfillment of the ungrounded act. This means that the Company had accepted its fault. At the same time A.Gh. generously abandoned the further appeal of the case considering that his rights were restored and the corruption risks prevented.

The success story is borrowed from www.aac.am.

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