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Prosecutor made a Motion to sentence the Defendant to 14 Years in Prison and Confiscation of Money in the Amount of 422 Million AMD

14 years of imprisonment, the prosecutor in the “Financial Pyramid” case filed such motion today at the court sitting. In accusatory speech, the prosecutor also asked to apply against the only defendant in the case Arthur Andreasyan confiscation of property, which should not exceed the amount of 422 million AMD.

Mnatsakan Sargsyan, the lawyer of the defendant told Iravaban.net that he would express his position in the speech. In addition he stressed that the punishment was too severe. “Besides the fact that Arthur Andraesyan fault was not proven, yet punishment that the prosecutor solicited is too severe,” Mnatsakan Sargsyan said.

It is due to mention that the defendant does not admit the accusation.


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