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The Court Sitting on the 2.5 Year Old Child’s Death Case was cancelled

Today, the court sitting on the case of the death of 2.5 year old Lia Sisakyan should have been continued in the Court of First Instance of Arabkir and Qanaqer-Zeytun Communities of Yerevan. But Yerem Sargsyan, the lawyer of the accused Zarineh Ayvazyan, did not appear because of health problems. Today he had to present a petition, but he would do it during the next judicial sitting, on April 9.

We would like to remind that on 31 December 2012, Lia Sisakyan had a temperature and was in conditions of a shock. She was taken to Arabkir Medical Center by the ambulance, where she died on 2 January 2013. Two doctors, Lilit Vardanyan and Zarineh Ayvazyan, were accused in the frames of the criminal case.


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