Regulations of the Interview Round of the Competition of Judges to ECHR

As we had informed the interview stage of the second competition of the candidates from the RA to ECHR Judges started a few minutes ago. The stage will last for two days, and shall be completed on 27 February.

The purpose of the interview is to assess the personal and professional qualities, as well as the linguistic competence of the participants that are needed for effective work in the position of the ECHR judge. The interview consists of three parts and the maximum duration of the interview with each participant is two hours.

The purpose of the first part of the interview is to assess the personal qualities, professional knowledge and skills of the candidate and may last maximum 30 minutes.

The second phase may lust maximum 45 minutes, and the purpose is to test the language proficiency of the candidate. Specialists of English and French languages are invited to assess this stage. The candidate is recommended to examine a summary of one of the ECHR cases in English or French languages, introduce in Armenian the summary of its content read a part and provide oral translate of that part into Armenian, as well as translate a legal text from Armenian. Also a conversation is held with the candidate to assess the oral communication skills about the professional issues.

The third part of the interview may last maximum 45 minutes.

The knowledge of the candidates is evaluated by a 100 point system.

The list of the winners of competition is compiled in the manner provided in the rules.

The candidate that participated in the competition cannot be included in the list in case of the final score less than 50 points or if the knowledge of the basic language is less than 5 points.

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