Arushanyans ended the Hunger Strike

The members of Arushanyans family ended the hunger strike in front of the RA Presidential Residence. Lavrenti Arushanyan informed about this to

Lavrenti Arushanyan said that last night the health condition of his wife Anahit Arushanyan was deteriorated and the four members of the family decided to stop the hunger strike. “We decided to replace the hunger strike with a sit-in strike, and we do not exclude its possibility,” he said.

Mr. Arushanyan also informed that on 31 January Anahit Arushanyan had had a short conversation with the RA President Serzh Sargsyan, and told him that the case was considered in all instances available in the RA but the verdict stayed unchanged. “Our objective was to meet the RA president and to inform him about the illegalities that exist in the judicial system. We aimed to inform him about the people who stand behind the illegalities in Arushanyan’s case. I have passed a letter to the RA President today, asking him to accept us before the decision of the Cassation Court, Mr. Arushanyan said.

He also informed that Anahit Arushanyan was treated at home.

Gevorg Tosunyan

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