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Were Vano Siradeghyan and Senior Police Officials behind the “Financial Pyramid”?

Today, the defendant Arthur Andreasyan provided testimony on the “Pyramid” case in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts.

Arthur Andreasyan was charged for the fact that as a result of his bookmakers activities and for foreign exchange trading he became actually insolvents, and in June 2010, he decided to take an advantage of the close connections with Colonel Karen Babakekhyan, Major General Nerses Nazaryan who hold senior positions in the RA Police at the Government, as well as the relations with Nerses Nazaryan’s son Armen Nazaryan, who was the owner of the network of “Moskvichka” stores that operates in Yerevan, and also the close relations with their family members to use the trust which he had gained among those people and by exploiting this trust under the preposition of investing the funds in entrepreneur activities and to gain profit for this had theft particularly large amounts from different citizens and obtained the property right on their real estate.

The defendant asked the court to allow giving evidence from his place on the grounds that his health condition does not allow standing for a long time.

He began giving testimony from addressing charges against Artak Galstyan, the victim in this case. During the process of the trial the victim had stated that Arthur Andreasyan had taken from him the amount of about 720 thousand USD.

In his testimony Arthur Andreasyan gave only one name. He claimed that politician Vano Siradeghyan, who was the Minister of Internal Affairs in the period of 1992-1996 and some high ranking police officials were standing behind the “Pyramid case”. The defendant said, “For all this that is happening with me Artak Galstyan, Vano Siradeghyan and senior police officials are to be blamed. This so called Pyramid is the Artak Galstyan’s creature; they even called him architecture of the Pyramid. They intended to force a number of officials into bankruptcy by the Pyramid case, among them senior police officials, Major General Nerses Nazaryan and Colonel Karen Babakekhyan. I did not want to get involved in all this and now my family suffers.”

Further he introduced the history of his cooperation with Artak Galstyan, and the episodes about his bankruptcy

Details coming soon.


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