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I would not have Thought that Lia was the one Dead. The Case of the Death of 2.5 Year Old Child

The examination of charges against doctors Lilit Vardanyan and Zarine Ayvazyan accused of 2.5-year old Lia Misakyan`s Death continued today at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Communities.

The Accusing side presented evidence on the causes of Lia Misakyan`s illnesses.

Lilit Vardanyan gave testimony today at the Court. She expressed her condolences to the relatives of the dead child, and then presented the details on her participation with regard to the case. The defendant informed that the child was accepted at the hospital already sick, and during her shifts she constantly took care of her. L. Vardanyan also said that the child`s health condition was improving.

Lia Misakyan was accepted to the Arabkir Medical Center on 31 December 2012, she had a temperature and was in concussions. She was taken to the hospital by an ambulance, and died on 02 January 2013.

“I came to work on 3 January, I had a shift. It was early morning, a bit before 9 o`clock, in the reception I was told that one of the patients died. I wouldn`t have though it was Lia, I was thinking of two other patients who were in a worse condition. I got angry and went to the room of doctors to check what had happened. I was told that she had a heart attack in the evening, but they didn`t say what the reason was”.


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