Has the defendant called the former Minister of Finances?

Today the trial of Arthur Sargsyan started with 40 -minute delay. Arshak Vardanyan, judge at the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities stated that the delay was conditioned by the fact of not having a free hall. Witness Gegham Ohanyan didn`t attend the trial today, and he will be invited to the court through the respective police division.

The judge asked whether the defendant had a phone conversation with the former Minister of Finances Davit Sargsyan, and the defendant said that did not happen. “Don`t you know the phone number?”, asked the judge. “If I wanted, I could have asked the phone number from my wife, but I didn`t need it. I haven`t definitely called him from my phone, maybe my wife used it, but as far as I remember, there wasn`t any call from my phone numbers”. Defendant mentioned that his phone is at the investigating committee. “I want it so much to be checked whether there has been a call to Davit Sargsyan from my phone”.

Defendant`s advocate presented some documents relevant to the case and asked for an additional expertise of documents. The court accepted that request only partially.

Let us remind that Arthur Sargsyan is accused of falsefully presenting himself as an official, and in some cases as a businessman from abroad, and has committed theft of others` property in large amounts through fraud and the excuse of concluding contracts with them.

Next court sitting is set for 24 October.


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