Why are the successor and defender of the soldier who died from smallpox, against double medical examination?

Yesterday during the court hearing on the case of soldier sick with smallpox Hayk Khachatryan the court decided to question the Forensic Examination Commission members.

Let us remind that based on the April decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen communities of Yerevan, the Minister of Health has signed a decree to create a Commission of 12 members to implement a double forensic examination (one of the Commission members refused to work in the commission some time later).

At yesterday`s court sitting it was decided to invite the head of Commission and its 3 members to the court for questioning. The court justified its decision stating that there are some answers to the questions in the Commission`s concluding opinion, which are not comprehensible for the court and the latter needs some clarifications.

Mr Shushanyan informed that the victims were against the double forensic examination. “As there are many facts for giving an evaluation to the doctors` activities, it is not only about defendant doctors, but also surgeons. Those facts need to be legally evaluated. This evaluation should be given by the Court as a Court ruling, or our intervention on imposing criminal responsibility on the surgeons should be solved, we requested for the Court to come up with an intervention to the Prosecutor`s Office, as the Court itself does not have powers to initiate criminal investigation. But the fact that double forensic examination is being set, means that the Court wants to base its ruling just on the evaluation provided by the doctors” said the lawyer.

Next court sitting is set at 10:00, on 21 October.


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