Court Hearing on Vazgen Khachikyan and Others accomplished: The Court passed to hearing the Pleadings

The Court Hearing on the case of Vazgen Khachikyan, the Ex-Head of the RA Social Security Service of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was continued in The Court of General Jurisdiction of Center and Nork Marash communities of the City Yerevan under the presidency of Judge Arshak Vardanyan.

During the previous session, the prosecutor informed the court that the prosecution had amended the charges to the defendants Vazgen Khachikian, Ashot Abrahamyan, Hovhannes Grigoryan and Samvel Elbakyan. The examination of the case was postponed to provide the defendants opportunity to get acquainted with the new charges.

During the regular session, the defendants informed that they had got acquainted with the new charge. Vazgen Khachikyan said that he would tell his position in his last plea. Asot Abrahamyan said the same. Hovhannes Grigoryan admitted the fault. Samvel Elbakyan did not admit the fault. They said they would provide their positions in the speech.

Judge Arshak Vardanyan considered the court haring comleted and the court passed to hearing of pleadings, which consists of the speeches of the prosecutor, defenders and defendants in the set order. Just at this moment the prosecution is reading the prosecutor’s address.

The prosecutors reminded that in 2005, Vazgen Khachikyan had created and organized a stable group, which under his control, thoroughly planed their actions, stealing a large amount of sum totaling to  267 million 266 thousand AMD.

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