Defendant tells about thousands of dollars, his father`s suicide and the person terrorizing him

Today at the court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities, judge Arshak Vardanyan presided the trial continuation on the case of Arthur Sargsyan. Let us remind that during the last sitting 2 witnesses gave testimony, one of who was former Minister of Finances Davit Sargsyan.

Arthur Sargsyan was questioned today. He presented his position on the accusation, he didn`t accept his guilt in any episode of accusation, and then referred to the events in between 2003 and 2013. He also claimed that hadn`t met Davit Sargsyan.

“I have been in the Government building only twice in my life. I didn`t know Davit Sargsyan. And the scenario built around him is very primitive”, underlined the defendant.

He told he had been working in the Yerevan Municipality since 2005, and was doing business in parallel, particularly running 4 night clubs. In 2005 he was invited to the NSS, then General Prosecutor`s Office, afterwards he was dismissed and lost his business. In 2007 opened a bakery, and then met victim of the case Eduard Gasparyan, director of “Elga” LLC. The defendant was telling the details on how he met other victims and specifying the sum of money present in the accusation.

“The preliminary investigation went only in the direction of accusation, my justifications weren`t checked. The investigatory body didn`t pay attention also to the contradictory testimonies”, added the defendant.

The defendant also referred to the conditions of his name-change. As the victims claim, Arthur Sargsyan presented himself as an Italian-Armenian businessman and head of the Law department of the RA Government. “This situation arose because of a person, deriving from the security aspects of myself and my family”, he said.

The court sitting was postponed, next one being set for 08 October.

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