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“Money is not butter, it didn`t melt”. Victims on the “Financial pyramid” case testified

The “Financial pyramid” case went on today at the Kentron and Nork Marash court of general jurisdiction. First testimony was given by the victim Artak Galstyan. He was initially to answer to the questions of defendant Arthur Andreasyan, who brought up his illness as of being unable to question the victim and requested that his defender asked questions.

Artak Galstyan stated that he was Arthur Andreasyan`s wedding godfather. According to him the defendant borrowed 720 thousand USD from him, a part of which he payed back in the course of three years, and still owes him the other 100 thousand USD. Certain police officers are also involved in the case, such as Colonel Karen Babakhanyan, former head of Yerevan Police department, colonel-major Nerses Nazaryan and his son Armen Nazaryan, owner of the “Moskvichka” supermarket network, who had close ties with Arthur Andreasyan. They didn`t attend today`s court sitting.

Next testimony was given by Mushegh Safaryan, deputy head of legal department of the RA Control Chamber, who also was close with Arthur Andreasyan. He told about establishing “Amategh” LLC. “Arthur owed to Artak, that`s why we went for this procedure”, said the victim.

On March 23 2013 Arthur Andreasyan informed him that he is bancrupt and has accumulated a lot of debt. “He called on that day and asked to go to his office, Artak Galstyan was also there. Arthur said that he owes 1 mln USD to different people, including Artak”. To the question of the judge as whether he didn`t get interested in the fate of his 50 thousand USD, the victim said, “No, I didn`t say anything to him at that moment. Money is not butter, it hasn`t melt. I had asked him before, but he hadn`t responded”, added the victim also stating that through the court appeal he did not want to demand his money back.

Today`s sitting was again postponed.


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