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Finally one victim was questioned on the “Financial pyramid” case

Today Artak Galstyan, the victim party of the case, was questioned in the courts of general jurisdisction of Kentron and Nork Marash administrative regions on the”Financial Pyramid” case. He first was almost reading the testimony from the piece of paper in front of him, and later on it was revealed that he was using that for specifying the dates and amounts of money given to the defendent Arthur Andreasyan, which were also included in the indictment.

The victim has been addressed questions by the prosecutor, the advocate and judge Gagik Poghosyan to clearly understand the sequence of events.

According to the victim`s testimony, they were in very close and warm relationship with Arthur Andreasyan, the defendent was even his wedding godfather, and they were so close that while going for a vacation they trusted the protection of their entire property to Arthur through respective documents.

According to Artak Galstyan, Arthur Andreasyan was coordinating the activities of 3 currency exchange points, and he had personally seen Arthur`s work and was sure that the money he gave on loan Arthur would be able to return. According to the victim, Arthur Andreasyan owed him 720 thousand USD. In the course of three years he got an amount of 160-170 thousand USD back as percentages for the money he had loaned.

Defendent Arthur Andreasyan had informed him that he was in a bad condition and couldn`t return the money. Later on the witness found out that Arthur had also taken money from the son of former head of Yerevan Police, Nersik Nazaryan, and Gyumri`s previous head of police, Karen Babakekhyan.

Because of his illness, the defendent requested postponing court proceeding so as he could give his questions to the victim during the next proceeding. As two other victims were not present at the court sitting, refusing via phone to take part in the court sittings, the Judge decided to call on their presence at the court, then sufficed defendent`s intervention and postponed the court sitting. 


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