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“This has become a Practice that your Defendant feels bad during each Session,” Judge

In the First Instance Court of the General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative District of Yerevan, with the presidency of Gagik Poghosyan the court session of the case on “Financial Triangle” was again postponed.

During the previous session on May 15 Mnatsakan Sargsyan, the new defendant of the accused, Artur Andreasyan submitted solicitation for his defendant to appoint an interdepartmental medical examination. The court granted the motion and the court session was postponed for a month.

The defendant informed the court that the committee implementing the examination will be formed this week. At the same time solicitation was submitted to postpone the session till the result of the examination since Artur Andreasyan is not able to attend the court session because of his health issues.

The judge, Gagik Poghosyan as a response said, “This has become a practice that your defendant feels bad during each session. If he was not able, you should have said beforehand and the session would have been postponed.”
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