“We also have Parents…” the Defender in the Case on the Dead Soldier said to the Judge

Today the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nork Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan under the precedence of Judge Vladimir Grigoryan continued the hearing on the case of soldier Hayk Khachatryan who died on December 30 2011 in “Nork” infectious diseases hospital.

Only the defense party attended the court, the prosecutor, though duly notified, had informed that he had an important discussion in the military prosecution office failed to come. After the publication of the results of additional forensic examination, Movses Khachatryan, father of the died soldier and their representative Mushegh Shushanyan do not attend the court hearings thus protesting and showing their disagreement with the results of the examination.

Earlier at the court hearing the defenders of two defendants in the case had filed a motion to the court with request to apply amnesty and to stop criminal prosecution of the defendants. The court took a decision to renew the proceeding, and did not consider the motion based on the circumstance that he had not yet specified the position of the injured party and possibly the injured party might request compensation to cover the funeral and other costs.

Varduhi Elbakyan, attorney of the defendant Mikael Mikaelyan, submitted the reply of the Head of the Social Protection department of the RA Defense Ministry, which informed that on the decision of the RA Government Hayk Khacahtryan’s family, was provided compensation of 700.000 and 1.400.000 AMD for the funeral, improvement of the grave, making and installation of the gravestone. In addition, a monthly monetary assistance of 30.000 AMD has been appointed to Hayk Khachatryan’s family as well.

Levon Poghosyan attorney of Minas Mkrtchyan, the second defendant in the case, filed a motion asking the court to specify the position of the successors of the victim on applying amnesty over the defendants and then set court hearing․

 “Where have you seen such thing?” asked the judge.

“We are not free, and we accept all humanitarian relations, we also have parents… However by failing to attend the court hearings they express their position: They do not have any demand. If they shall claim, we shall move towards acquittal,” Levon Poghosyan said.

The next court hearing will take place on 6 February. The Injured side will be notified again.
Nune Hovsepyan

Photo: The father of the dead soldier and the defender.


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