Armenian Genocide Victims’ Compensation Payments to be recalculated

The RA Ministry of Justice received clarification from American-Armenian attorney Vartkes Yeghiayan, on the recent announcement in Glendale News Daily referring to life insurance compensation payments to the heirs of the victims of Armenian Genocide. Vartkes Yeghiayan presented this case to the US Court.
According to Vartkes Yeghiayan, the respective commission allowed some inaccuracies while examining the documents and petitions, which were submitted by the heirs of the Armenian holders of policies. Therefore the attorney of Armenian origin applied to the US court. According to information from the RA Ministry of Justice the US Court examined the case and commissioned a recalculation of the payments. However this refers only to the petitions that were approved by the Commission.
As a result, about USD 2,176,587 will be redistributed to approximately one-hundred claimants whose compensation payments included inaccuracies.
Vartkes Yeghiayan also informed that the petitions rejected by the Commission shall not be reviewed in the framework of this case.

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