Apple to face customer tracking lawsuit

Apple will be forced to defend itself against a lawsuit claiming the global computer giant covertly allowed third parties to track user activity through its mobile devices, a Californian federal judge has ruled, reports “Global Legal Post.”

According to the Oakland Tribune newspaper, owners of Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches can pursue claims against the California-based company under two of the state’s consumer protection laws.

Despite Apple’s claims that the company was protected from liability by user agreements, US District Judge Lucy Koh said there was ‘some ambiguity’ as whether those agreements cover all the information that has been collected.

In making the decision, the judge also ruled that several other defendants – including search engine giant Google – should be dismissed from the case. Judge Koh also rejected claims that Apple violated customer’s privacy rights.

Lawyers for Apple and Google have so far declined to comment.

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