“We, Policewomen, try to combine Strictness with Mild Attitude”. (photo gallery)

Iravaban.net starts a special project “Armenian Policewomen”, where we are going to introduce Armenian women serving in Police system.

The police officers of a newly created special subdivision of Patrol Service are in service in the Small Center of Yerevan since March. It has the aim to maintain law and order in public places and during mass events and to create a new image of a police officer in the society. The special subdivision is also distinguished by the fact that there are 14 female police officers in the battalion. In the near future this number is planned to be increased.

The police officers have been trained prior to joining the service. They know foreign languages and martial art tricks; have skills to negotiate and to provide first medical aid, etc. Almost all police officers are graduates from higher educational institutions. They have also a different uniform: they are the angels of peace.

Iravaban.net had an interview with Lieutenant Elen Babayan, a police officer serving in a special subdivision of Patrol Service.


In 2006 Ellen has finished Yerevan School N 114 after Khachik Dashtenc. She has studied at Culturology Department of Faculty of History at Yerevan State University from 2006 to 2010 and got her Master’s degree with honours from the same Department in 2012. Elen is in service as a police officer at the newly created subdivision of Patrol Service.

– I think you did not dream of having rubber stick, handcuffs, whistle and first medical aid supplies in your childhood, and especially not of becoming a police officer having a specialization of culture expert. How do you decide to choose the service in police?

– For sure, I did not dream of becoming a police officer in my childhood, I did not even think of it, but in the last year of my Master’s program my lecturer offered me to try myself in the service in Police system. I had been interviewed and hired… I did not change my mind of being in Police. I like the job of police officer.

– What kind of child was Ellen?

– I was braver and did my best to win the games. I took dancing classes and attended the piano department of the Music School.

– I am sure that men admire female police officers. What is your attitude towards your job

– As we are in service in public places, the citizens and tourists admire us. They come up and ask about our mission. Firstly they thought that we were nurses, but then they used to see us as police officers. Both men, and women and children admire us. At first it was a little bit unusual to see a policewoman, but then they trust us more based on our work, devotion and readiness to help, if necessary. No doubt, I have a great sense of responsibility towards my job.

– What kind of interesting compliments and events did you have during your service?

– I had a lot… Generally we were told about the sympathy for our uniform. The women mentioned that they are glad to see female police officer, as they may address us the requests they would not address the male police officers. The older people told the atmosphere has been changed due to our appearance.

– Who may make a request to the police officers in patrol service?

– Everyone. We have different requests: the tourists ask for directions to a certain place, to speak with us or to have a photo. Our citizens are also interested in our functions. Many children are often eager to become a police officer, when they see us. We possess a number of skills for helping the people.

– Besides the service in public places, you also take some classes. Will you, please, detail, what do you do during the classes?

– We familiarize ourselves with the legislation concerning the job of the police officer, the actions of police officers during the meetings, which are prescribed by law, study the cases of application and use of weapon. We also study psychology, as it is closely related to our specialization. We are engaged in athletics, hand-to-hand fighting tricks etc. We completed the course for first medical aid, studied criminal law, criminal procedure law, administrative law and clauses concerning the patrol service. We are continuing to study foreign languages, improving our knowledge.

Almost every police officer in the special subdivision has a higher education. This is also the basis for very positive relationships between us and the commanders.

– What do you like to do outside work?

– As I spend much time outside, I like to be with my family or to have a walk with my friends in my spare time. I like to watch movies and to read books while being at home.

– Which is the last book you have read and which is your favorite one?

– The last book I have read was “American Tragedy” by Theodor Dreiser, and the favorite one is “Moon and sixpence” by Somerset Maugham.

– What does the police officer like to cook?

– I like strawberry cake very much and cook it well.

– Word “Policeman” is historically coming from an old Armenian language (Pahlavian language), and means faithful, reliable. How much the explanation of this word is in consistent with the public image of the police officer?

– The trust is gradually increasing. It is not strange for the people to come up the police officer, to ask for something and to talk. I may say that the authority of both our subdivision and the whole police system is growing.

– Whether the increasing number of the policewomen may grow the confidence and trust in the police officer?

– The increasing number of female police officers will lead to positive changes in police system, as in every sphere. We, policewomen, try to combine strictness with mild attitude.

Nune Hovsepyan
The source – iravaban.net

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