“Tsarukyan” and “Yelk” Factions started Collection of Signatures for convening an Extraordinary Sitting of the National Assembly

On October 23, at the regular sitting of the National Assembly, member of the “Tsarukyan Faction” Naira Zohrabyan announced that “Tsarukyan” and “Yelk” Factions have initiated collection of signatures to convene an extraordinary session to approve the draft amendments to the Electoral Code.

“Today, the “Tsarukyan” Bloc with “Yelk” Faction organizes collection of signatures according to which the amendments to Electoral Code will be in the agenda of the extraordinary session on Monday. I urge the RPA colleagues who pointed that the new Electoral Code provides for a fairer and more competent electoral order, to refrain from boycotting the vote and provocations and to participate in the discussion of the new Electoral Code,” the MP said.

The extraordinary session is scheduled for October 29.

She noted that the MPs who initially had approved the Code will be present and vote.

“Those who want fair elections in our country, with such a code that does not create a problem of credibility of elections, should join the collection of signatures,” Naira Zohrabyan said.


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