Taron Margaryan to be summoned to National Security Service: Artur Vanesyan provides new Details on the Case of “Yerevan” Foundation

Speaking to reporters before the government session, Director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan mentioned that the inspections in the case of the “Yerevan” Foundation are at the final stage.

In reply to the question, whether it is possible that Taron Margaryan would be summoned to the National Security Service and it will turn out that he had left the country, Vanesyan said shortly, “No!”

“Do you remember when our guys were taking out those sacks, and documents? Taron Margaryan has not been invited to the NSS Investigation Department yet, but he will be summoned. No businesses registered with Taron Margaryan have been found. There is a well-known publication, the Prime Minister’s assistant Arman Mkrtchyan has transferred these materials to us, examination is being carried out, and concrete measures related to it will be undertaken,” he said.


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