A Decision to detain Manvel Grigoryan’s Wife, Nazik Amiryan, has been made

The decision to arrest Nazik Amiryan, the wife of National Assembly deputy Manvel Grigoryan, was made.

Marina Ohanjanyan, Spokesperson of the Special Investigative Service, confirmed this information to Iravaban.net.

It should be reminded  that On June 18, the Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes of the General Department for Combating Organized Crime received operative information that “UAZ” and “GAZ” vehicles loaded with canned food are discovered at the parking lot of 22 Soghomon Tarontsi str., Yerevan.

We learn this from the police.

The drivers of these cars, who are members of the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union, were taken to the General Department for Combating Organized Crime by police. A total of 2980 pieces of “canned meat with labels “SOLDIER’S RATION: Not for Sale” were found in the vehicles. According to the driver’s reports, they had loaded the canned food from the building of Yerkrapah Volunteers’ Building at 22 Arshakunyats str., on 16 June, on Nazik Amiryan’s order.

Manvel Grigoryan’s son, ex-mayor of Echmiadzin city, Karen Grigoryan has already been charged.


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