“The Court is also a Subject and there are many emotional reactions”: Armine Fanyan

The advocates’ community is a very important link in this country and with the inactivity of the community’s the entire judicial system can be paralysed. Advocate Armine Fanyan stated in an interview with Iravaban.net referring to the new provision of the RA Civil Procedure Code of applying a sanction of imposing a fine of 100.000AMD against the advocates.

“Тhe dangerous character of the bill has repeatedly been pointed out. It will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the protection. And today our struggle is first of all aimed at protecting the interests of our clients,” the public defender mentioned speaking about the ongoing strike.

Armine Fanyan believes that the only reason for inclusion of this regulation in the Civil Procedure Code is a number of scandalous cases in Armenia since a large number of sanctions are applied against the advocates by the courts, and this provision is the only way to restrain them.

Details in the video:

Yevgenia Hambardzumyan


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