Criminal Liability will be imposed for Calls to Terrorist or Extremist Activity

The Ministry of Justice has submitted a new draft, in a unified website for the publication of draft legal acts, which provides for a supplement to Chapter 23 of the Criminal Code, envisaging a separate criminal offense as the most dangerous form of crime, providing more severe sanctions for public calls justifying and propagating terrorism or calling to commit terrorist acts.

According to the authors of the draft, study of international experience also proves that in many countries of the world criminal penalties are imposed for calls for terrorist or extremist activity.

It is noteworthy that the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia provides for criminal offenses only for public calls for certain crimes. Thus, article 301 of the RA Criminal Code envisages criminal liability for the seizure of power by force, the violation of territorial integrity or changing constitutional order, and Article 385 for public calls for aggressive war.

In addition, Article 225 (4) and 225 (1) of the RA Criminal Code provides for criminal liability for active disobedience to the representative of authorities during mass disorder, or calls for violence against people or for mass disorder, or calls to disobedience to comply with the legitimate decision of the police to stop the assembly.

The need to fight against the public calls to terrorism-related crimes by legal measures is based on the level of high public danger of the above-mentioned phenomenon, rising level of its daily increasing prevalence, and the need to fulfill the conventional obligations imposed on the state.

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