Hripsime Bazikyan
May 2007

Not a single representative of the animal world has passed such a along way of evolution like the human being. The human being lives throughout the life overcoming the mistakes, gaining experience, self-education, self-instruction, and self-perfection. The human being is the result of biological preconditions, social environment and family. The human being is in the center of human development and everything is aimed at his perfection and development of his inner abilities that take place through carrying out of other activities, which serve to as an input and benefits for the development of the society and the state.
The process of formation and development of a person begins form adopting of the play forms, further it passes to education, and then work activities. Systematized training has a planing influence over the cognitive abilities, spiritual qualities and general development of the human being. During the years of education the human being communicates with science, develops his oral and written speech, as well as logical thinking. Teaching also realizes the development and upbringing problems.
The development of mental, physical and spiritual abilities of the human being are harmonizes in intercommunication here. The human development includes due standard of life, education and health services. Education widens the man’s possibilities in the sphere of acquiring knowledge and professional abilities, forms the human capital, which is one of the most important components of the human development, creates life quality and serves as a source of economic growth. Thus it is natural that both the developed, as well as the developing countries pay much attention and provide recourses to the problem of the regular education.
Education is a process of the formation and the development of a human being, comprehension of the methods of cognitive activities, communication of knowledge, improvement of abilities and experiences, acquiring of the past experience. The educational level is an important problem for developing of the human internal force, which is characterized with the literacy of the adults that is acquired in the elementary, secondary and higher educational institutions. Thus the fact of adoption of the decision 25 “On the Conception and Strategy of Adults’ Education” of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on the session of 29 December 2005, is rather notable. The quality of the education affects upon the health condition, political activity, and the quickness of information dissemination, etc.
The legal basis of education in the RA was formed in 1918-1920. The educational level has grown in the soviet years. A great number of secondary schools were built, in virtue of which the illiteracy decreased for 80%. Yet, it is not clear why, after the collapse of the USSR, the today’s society unanimously tries to abolish everything that was achieved during the soviet years. The society tries to eliminate from its history a period, which has established stable values. We should also accept the fact that we have gained a developed and stable educational system, a developed inner culture among the people, the notion of unity. Also the level of the feeling of responsibility before both, the society as well as the individual grew. Unfortunately our society has moved away from the latter covering it under the context, “this is my right” and “this is not my responsibility.”
This also has its explanation: while being in the ideological blockade it could not be considered that one might have rights. Whereas after the independence the major part of the society was unable to accept correctly the large inflow of information, in its turn was the cause for the existing barbarisms. It should also be noted that there was no need to think in the Soviet period. More precisely, the people had no right to exchange and express opinions loudly. Everything was planned beforehand, and there was even no right to express opinion referring to any question publicly, because the state had already decided and settled everything instead of all, and no one was preserved the right to express opinion and thus jeopardize the truth that the state had established. Yet, every real value is formed in result of the exchange of ideas and debates, thus we should say, that prohibition of those is a regress.
The human development is a continuous process. No interruptions exist here. The interruption is the end of development.
Educational right of a person had its individual place and role in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948. This is the right to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and professional abilities for realization of natural vital activities. According to the article 26 of the Declaration the state should guarantee the following conditions to ensure the educational right:
1. Education shall be free,
2. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all the basis of merit,
3. Textbooks shall be available.
4. Necessary information shall be available.
5. Educational institutions shall create favorable conditions for education.
Indeed, we cannot say that all these preconditions are insured in Armenia, which gained independence 15 years ago. However we cannot say that nothing is being done to reach those either.
In compliance with paragraph 2 of the article 51 of the RA Family Code “Parents shall ensure education of their children.” That is, the State realizes superiority of education and the possibilities for creating firm grounds by means of education.
Education is one of the fundamental, and we may even say the most important preconditions to ensure the individuality of a nation.
Let’s enjoy the opportunity stipulated by the Constitutional provision “Everyone has the right to education” and apply our minor but yet considerable input to promote to the establishment of a sovereign, democratic, social and rule of law state.
As it V. Hugo said, “Greatness of the nation does not depend from their number, like the greatness of an individual is not measured by his height. The only criteria are his mentality and the level of his moral development.”

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