Combating Corruption is a Round-the-Clock Job: Arthur Davtyan presents Statistics

132 cases of bribery (including giving, taking or mediating), have been registered in Armenia in 2017. Mr. Artur Davtyan, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia, stated today at a press conference on.

The Prosecutor General mentioned that this indicator was only 7 in Armenia 10 years ago. In other words, “Corruption crimes have a high level of latency. These types of crimes can be detected as a result of the consistent efforts of criminal prosecution bodies.”

He also mentioned that the findings regarding the crime were evidence of the existence of systemic corruption in different state bodies. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the penitentiary sector, as well as the nature protection sector were among the government agencies of that type. “In 2017, 43 officials have been detained on charges of bribery, which is 65% more than in 2016, when 26 individuals were sued.”

The prosecutor also mentioned that the fight against corruption is a round-the clock work, and if the example of such people is not enough for anyone so that they will refrain from such cases, they should feel the influence of the law enforcement agencies on their skin.

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