Being a father of four children makes you appear in the kitchen as a cook even non-festive days: Ara Zohrabyan:

Ara Zohrabyan, Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates told in the interview with, about the achievements of the year, about the outstanding professionals of the year.

– What is year 2017 distinguished with? What were your achievements this year? Were there omissions?

– 2017 was a year of rich with events in the legal sphere. There were two important events for the Chamber of Advocates – elections to the Council and the Chairman. It is not possible to avoid omissions, but in general it was a positive year.

– Who do you think this year was a distinguished professional in your sphere?

– I cannot say, especially since we have more than 1900 advocates. Each one differs from the other by the style and approach. Everyone who is an advocate today is a hero because they have chosen a difficult path.

– Have you encountered funny cases (court cases, judicial or legal acts)?

– Permanently: Our struggle is directed against really ridiculous occurrences.

– What was the most surprising thing for you in your sphere this year (court cases, judicial or legal acts)?

– I do not know whether it’s good or not, but nothing has surprised me.

– What would happen if Santa Clause was a lawyer? What post would you assign to him?

– Santa Claus cannot be a lawyer, otherwise children will be deprived of gifts due to bureaucratic paperwork.

– How and with whom do you celebrate New Year and Christmas?

– As always, with my family.

– Do you find yourself in the role of cook in the kitchen on the occasion of the New Year?

– Being a father of four children makes you appear in the kitchen as a cook even non-festive days as well.

– What are the expectations from 2018?

– The year, month, days are for people. I have no expectations from the year. I do not think it’s possible to connect the present or the future with certain events or things. Everyone is creating his own destiny, choosing himself the paths in the crossroads of the life. This is the rule of the free choice provided by God. So, my expectations are from people, me and my surroundings.

– What have you and your children asked from Santa Claus?

– The addressee of our request is God. We ask peace, health and love for our people.

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