We have preserved the tradition of making gifts for each other in our family: Arsen Mkrtchyan:

Arsen Mkrtchyan, Judge of the RA Court of Appeal, answers the questions of Iravaban.net.

– What is year 2017 distinguished with? What were your achievements this year? Were there omissions?

– The achievement is that the working processes was smooth. Among the achievement is that I had the opportunity to engage in legislative work. I do not make any special emphasis to omissions.

– Who did you think this year was a distinguished professional in your sphere?

– I do not think it’s acceptable to name a specialist. It was a great pleasure for me that our specialists had a very active participation in the discussion of the laws at the drafting stage. It was a pleasant novelty for me. I have always emphasized that if there is something to say about the law, then it should be said at the drafting stage, which will only help to have a good law. If this culture continues to be formed, we will have an atmosphere of respect for law.

Previously, if you remember, the law was adopted, and which it was criticized, and this is not appropriate to the rule of law state. I am really happy to greet my colleagues who are actively taking part in drafting the laws.

– Have you encountered funny cases (court cases, judicial or legal acts)?

– I can hardly remember one. There are many incidents, but it’s hard to consider them as ridiculous.

– What would happen is Santa Clause was a lawyer? What post would you assign to him?

– Poor Santa Claus 🙂 The combination of Santa and lawyer is interesting itself. You may have thought about the fact that lawyers have something to give or advice to the public or a person who applies. The expectation is to get a positive outcome from the lawyer.

– How and with whom do you celebrate New Year and Christmas?

– At home, with my family, parents, and children. This year we have decided to travel in Armenia if possible, if the weather will allow and be a bit further away from New Year’s vanity.

– What are the expectations from 2018?

– I would like our culture and our desire to talk positively is developed. Every one should do his job well in his place, to have good Armenia, and to have good justice. If we strive to be positive, we will shorten the long way to have a good Armenia.

– What did you and your children ask from Santa Claus?

Children’s expectations are different. Let me recall an interesting episode. When my little daughter was writing a letter to Santa, she had difficulty with her wish and asked me what she could ask Santa for. I decided to use this fact and show that things are not so important, I said that she could ask to be healthy, or ask for peace and I brought such examples. And I received a very interesting reproach. She said I am writing a letter to Santa, not to God 🙂

So, expectations from Santa are materialized, each one asks for something. The elder children have grown out of age to write to Santa. We have preserved the tradition of making gifts for each other in our family.


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